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Welcome to the Houston Liederkranz Website


This  website includes  information (text, photos, graphics, video and music) of interest to Houston Liederkranz  members and our friends. The information is contained on various pages, such as the Home Page, History, Choirs, etc.

To access this information, you must select a desired link, such as the page links shown in the left-hand margin for Home, Choirs, Hisory, and so on. (These page links are repeated on all pages of the website for selection.) Other links are identified by words or phrases that are colored and underlined, for example, the Announcements link in the upper right margin.  In addition, images may be identified as links on some pages.

To select a link:

  1. Move the Cursor  over the desired link on the Computer Screen.
    (Most Cursors look like an arrow or an 'I' bar. The Cursor is moved by moving the mouse, that small device located next to the computer keyboard. When the Cursor move over a link, it changes shape to look like a hand with a pointing finger.)
  2. When the Cursor is positioned over the desired link, press the left button on the mouse and the selected page or information will appear on the screen

Some links are to file that required Adobe Reader to view. You can obtain Adobe Reader by selecting the image below and following the directions:

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